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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MC Tools?

MC Tools is a utility website which lets you search up players and servers.

I need help with my Minecraft account!

We do not offer help or support for your Microsoft account. Contact Microsoft directly as we are not affiliated with the developers of Minecraft.

Can you remove my Minecraft Username history from this website?

No, name information will not be removed. This website is meant to be a reference tool with the goal of displaying the most accurate information possible. Player username history is also accessible on other websites as well. Please see the following links for more information about this:

What is a UUID?

This is a Universally Unique Identifier and it never changes. Every Minecraft account has a different UUID and it gives Minecraft servers a better way to track players and ensure bans, ranks etc. remain with the player even after changing their name.

Can I edit my profile?

Yes! First login with your Xbox Live account and go to the Edit Profile page.

Why use Xbox Live instead of Mojang/Minecraft for authentication?

Mojang has decided to once again introduce the Java Account migration which involves moving your Mojang/Minecraft account data to a Microsoft account. This means that your Minecraft account will be more safer and gives you the ability to enable Two Factor Authentication and additional security features, plus a cape!

As of now, the best experience on the website are players that use Microsoft accounts to play Java Edition and the breaking of this website will be very unlikely.

Because you can lookup Java Edition players. Are Bedrock Player lookups (Xbox Live) supported?

As stated above regarding the Java Account Migration, this will mean that the ability to lookup players will be much smoother and easier on MC Tools. There is no need to link your pre migrated "Mojang/Minecraft" account to a Xbox Live account. It is all automatically done for you when you login to this website.