Guidelines » MC Tools


Your MC Tools Account must follow the guidelines below, it must not:
  1. Have NSFW, Threats, Racial Slurs, Suicide jokes on the page (i.e Username, Nickname Description, Social Media Links, Skin) etc.
  2. Post personal information about yourself or another user.
  3. Use your profile maliciously against users by either providing or linking to malicious content
  4. Advertise any irrelevant content. The content you're allowed advertise is what MC Tools provides you (i.e Discord Tag, YouTube Channel, Reddit etc.) Other forms of advertising is not allowed.
  5. Impersonate Staff Members
  6. Be for sale (Sell your profile for views, membership since etc.) for real money. Thats against the Mojang EULA.
  7. Break the Minecraft EULA
Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in a ban from accessing your account and having your account data deleted. A repeat of not following the guidelines will result in a IP ban. Your account may also get restricted for any reason not listed here.